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Moving Out?

When a resident decides to move out of UCU, timely notification must be made. This is done by submitting the Move Out Form to the House President on or before the notification deadline for a given quarter:

  • Move-out after Fall quarter: 21 days before the last day of instruction

  • Move-out after Winter quarter:  21 days before the last day of instruction

  • Move-out after Spring quarter:  April 20

  • Note that a resident who plans not to return in the fall but is approved to remain in residence during the summer must meet the Spring-quarter deadline for move-out notification. 

Once you have fulfilled the requirements listed on the form, you should receive your deposit within two weeks after moving out of the house. If you still have not received your deposit, please do the following:

  1. Contact the Men's or Women's house president. They need to forward your outstanding bills to the Alumni Accounts Payable contact, or give notice that you don't have any bills.

  2. After the first step, contact the UCU Alumni Accounts Payable Volunteer.

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