If you are a Christian and a matriculated student at the University of Washington, you can apply to live at UCU.  The application must be submitted online. 

Once your application is received and a spot opens up, the Alumni Admissions Volunteer will contact you to set up an informal interview.  If no spots are currently available, you will be added to a waiting list.  You may contact the Alumni Admissions Volunteer to inquire about available spots at UCU.

1. Rules & Requirements 

Rules exist at UCU to create a structured, loving community - please review this rules document. The Rules Agreement form will need to be signed and turned in with your house deposit should you decide to live at UCU.


Faith in Jesus Christ

Full-time, undergraduate, student (minimum 12 credits/quarter) at UW

Attend Monday night Bible study and business meeting

Attend Fall Retreat

Perform assigned weekly chores

Desire to live in community with other believers in Christ

2. Application and Tours

Thank you for your interest in living in the University Christian Union houses! Below are the steps on how to apply to live at UCU.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna McClenny.

Application Steps:

1) Complete the UCU Application for Residence


 UCU Application for Residence

The application includes a questionnaire about you and a $50 application fee.


2) Submit a letter of recommendation

A personal recommendation is required from a Christian leader (e.g. pastor or youth leader) who knows you well and is not a relative. 

To submit a personal recommendation, have your reference follow the steps below.

(Please note that you are responsible for ensuring your reference completes the recommendation. We can only consider your application once all parts of your application are submitted.)



3)  Pay the $50 application fee​

A $50 application fee is required as part of the application. To pay the application fee, follow the link below after entering the applicant’s name in the box. This fee is non-refundable.


We're glad you are interested in seeing what UCU is like!  To arrange an informal tour to see the house and meet current residents, contact the House Presidents. 

Men's House President: Jimmy Tan - 

Women's House President: Sarah Turral -


3.Letters of Recommendation

4. Letters of Recommendation

If you would like to submit a letter of recommendation for a student to live at UCU, please complete the UCU Recommendation Form.

Thank you for your recommendation!

If you have any questions, please contact Anna McClenny.

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