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Barnabas Scholarship Fund Donations


The Barnabas Scholarship Fund is a donation-based fund that goes directly to supporting UCU student residents who find themselves in a time of financial need. 

We have seen many of our students struggle with the ever-increasing cost of education and competitive scholastic requirements of the University of Washington. Many of our students have been blessed to live at UCU - surrounded by Christian community while facing these growing challenges. 


Some of our students work two or three part-time jobs to cover their financial needs in addition to keep up with studies. If they are not exhausted, or facing a test, they often squeeze out a little time to participate in the lifegiving faith-filled community of UCU. 

In answer to the student's needs, Loren Steinhauer (UCU Board Member) and Danyel Bigger (UCU resident)  developed the Barnabas Fund. It gives us a way to financially bless students who find themselves struggling. Barnabas means "son of encouragement" and we want to encourage our students!


You are invited to be a Barnabas in the life of our wonderful students by donating to this Scholarship Fund. Your donation will go directly to subsidizing all or part of the Room and Board costs of students in need at UCU. Your donation will bring relief to a student facing incredible financial stress and help them find more time for the important ministry of growth and Christian community UCU uniquely provides. 


Thank you so much for considering supporting our students! Your gift will be a blessing beyond words. With your help, students in need will have far less stress and we hope they will live healthier and happier at UCU while growing stronger in faith every day. 

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