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Message from our Chef

Dear Student,


I am honored to be on Staff at University Christian Union. I hope you consider joining us here too! I’d love to introduce myself a little bit and share what has led me to work at UCU.


I am the oldest of 13 kids, I have owned an espresso stand, specialized in outdoor planter and hanging basket design at a specialty plant nursery, worked at an elementary school and high school as a custodian full time while going to college. After moving to Seattle, having grown up in Yakima, I found a career I loved in Hospitality Ministry and Management at University Presbyterian Church. After discovering my passion and love for Jesus, food, and people, I attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute and have since specialized in large event development, ministry support, volunteer recruitment, and staff team management. Through that journey I discovered that I had become very fond of working with college students during my years at the church and it led me to UCU.


I’m excited to learn what hospitality means to you in the home of UCU. I hope to listen to your stories, learn about your growth in relationship with our Lord, pray for you when burdens befall you, and encourage you in this special chapter of life that you are in.


One of the biggest areas that I serve in at UCU is Food Management. I believe that the greatest tool to creating a sense of welcome and home is food. I want to learn what you like to eat, what your personal nutrition goals are, and I want to accommodate your food sensitivities as much as I can. The students at UCU and I cook together, serve one another, learn, and laugh together in the kitchen.


My hope is to further the mission of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth at UCU. I want UCU to be “the light on the hill” that everyone knows as a house that shines from the inside out. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s going to take all of us caring about one another to continue to grow a beautiful heart in in this home.

I’m excited to see where this journey goes at UCU and I hope to meet in you there!



Kate Littlefield, UCU Staff

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