COVID-19 Response

With the University of Washington implementing remote classes during Spring quarter due to COVID-19 concerns, some students may decide to live from home during this time. If students choose to stay home Spring quarter, they will still have returning resident status in the Fall. Students not returning will be eligible for return of their deposits, and move out forms should be submitted by this Wednesday (3/25). We are asking students who are choosing to stay home Spring quarter to move out by Sunday (3/29).

As some students have personal situations that make living at UCU their best or only option, UCU will remain open and follow the guidance for UW dorms where possible. Accordingly, capacity during Spring quarter will be limited to 12 residents for the men's house and 8 residents for the women's house, providing each student their own room. Room and Board rates and offered meals will remain unchanged. Students, please use good judgement when deciding where to live, recognizing that living in community during this time has inherent risks and additional responsibility to diligently maintain "social distance". Compliant with the recent “stay-at-home” guidance, we are asking students who choose to live at UCU to refrain from having guests visit the house (including UCU students living at home) while this guidance remains.

With regard to COVID-19 concerns and potential restrictions, the situation is constantly changing, so we ask students to adhere to all guidance from the CDC and the Washington Department of Health. New chores will be added to regularly sanitize common touch points and surfaces and Kate will implement additional rules about sanitation in the kitchen and at meals. Fewer residents with additional cleaning requirements will likely result in additional chore hours for all.

We recognize this is a stressful time and want to thank the students for being gracious and flexible. Some adjustments will have to be made to chore schedules and officer assignments for those remaining at the houses. We encourage all UCU students to remain in virtual contact and will invite all students to attend virtual Monday Night Bible Studies during the Spring quarter.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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